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The Results Speak for Themselves

I received my DynaTrap yesterday. I live near a wooded area on a pond and it has been nearly impossible to be outside due to mosquitoes. I also have a 7 year old and a 10 month old that like many in our town, are stuck indoors due to the bugs. Southeastern NC has the world’s worst mosquitoes, I do believe. It hasn’t been 24 hours, and the results are absolutely amazing! I am blown away!

Mary K.
Elizabethtown, NC


I can’t thank you enough

Well I believe in proof . This is the proof after just 2 weeks I can sit by the pool in my back yard and not be bothered . Omg I cant wait to see what it catches in two more weeks . The instructions stated run for 30 days and see a difference.

Daryl L.
Sacramento, CA


Omg! I am so happy with my Dynatrap!

We built a patio last summer and we totally were so annoyed at the mosquito problem! Real bad!! We and our guests always had to spray ourselves! A friend of a friend mad a mention on my Fb post about our mosquito problem! Bought one, and started using it Easter Sunday, we hade a big family gathering, no mosquitoes!!!! Right now, I’m relaxing and no mosquitoes!!!! We are the happiest Customers ever! Thank you!

Melinda M.
Montebello, CA


Very impressed, highly recommended

Only had your trap up a few days and today I noticed there are 4 or 5 wasps in it, they really look pissed.

Bob W.
Heyburn, ID


The Trap was Full of Mosquitoes!

I have lived at our present address for over 25 years and every year I did battle with mosquitoes until this year thanks to DynaTrap. Every year I would need to get out at least two and up to four Thermacells and mosquito repellent coils to keep the mosquitoes at bay but not this year! I bought one DynaTrap DT1100 just to try it out. After two weeks I thought this thing doesn’t work that well. After two more weeks I was absolutely blown away! It was the start to one of the best summers every to sit outside on our deck. Mosquito free! I can’t say thanks enough! What a great product!

Karl D.
Bellevue, NE


It’s a Great Investment

Thank you DynaTrap. I have used the trap for 3 years and still very happy with your product. For the rest. Yes you can’t get rid of every mosquito. But taking a bite out of the population is key to maintaining your backyard visits verses your horror stories of being bitten nonstop by mosquitoes. Thanks again.

Jim H.
Warrenville, IL



A picture is worth 1000 words or bugs. I have both a DT2000XLP and Dynatrap3

Allan F.
Hercules, CA


The DynaTrap works and works very well

My home is 100 yards into the woods off Glen Ledge Road in Glen, NH and borders closely the White Mountain National Forest. In other words we’re in deep woods and love it here except for the mosquitoes which we’ve eliminated from our huge 40′ deck. I actually have two units at opposite ends of the deck not because one didn’t work but more for my own piece of mind. Kudos to DynaTrap.

David R.
Glen, NH


GO DynaTrap!

My husband and I originally purchased the DT1125. We brought it on a cabin trip with a group of friends and hooked it up for the week we were there. No one, not a single one of us got bitten by anything! A couple of friends loved it, so we gave them ours and purchased the DT1775. We also purchased the DT1775 for both sets of our parents and then another one for our friends in VA. This makes our total purchase of DynaTraps 7… if that doesn’t tell you we are believers, nothing will!

Dawn A.
West End, NC


Would definitely recommend this product

Had mine for about two years now. I am very pleased with this unit. It’s hanging about seven feet above the ground and about thirty yards from my back porch. No problems with bugs, can sit outside at night and enjoy the evening.

Glenn O.
Plaucheville, LA


Word is spreading quick about how effective they are

We can actually use our backyard now. Before the DynaTrap, if we were outside in the early evening, we would be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Not so, anymore. We spent Sunday evening in the backyard for a couple of hours and not a single one of use got bitten once. This included our 9 month grand daughter. I am trying to convince all of my neighbors that they need one. My picture shows how many mosquitoes were killed since I turned it on, three weeks ago.

Jeff F.
Layton, UT


A great product that does what it promises!!

This my trap after only 10 days!! I can’t believe the difference it makes once it’s hung up.

Jeremie D.
Royse City, TX


Thank you Dynatrap 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

We just received our DT160 DynaTrap three days ago. The bottom portion is almost full with wasps, mosquitoes, moths and June bugs. Glad to see that Lady Bugs and Dragon Flies not in the trap. We have lived in this house for two years now and the mosquitoes are terrible. We live by a creek so pretty sure that is where the bulk of them come from. Bottom line is that if the DynaTrap delivers results like we have seen in just three days they we are in for a pleasant outdoor summer.

Jim M.
Haltom City, TX


Outstanding Product!

I have way fewer mosquitoes this year since hanging this up in May. We can go outside and now be swarmed by the pests. Kids can finally go out near dusk and in the evening.

Joann G.
Staten Island, NY


It started working immediately

Previous summer we paid a local pest control company over $100 a month to spray and trap mosquitoes so we could use our pool without getting bitten to death. We decided this year to invest in the DynaTrap Insect Trap. We run it 24 hours a day and empty the trap weekly. Picture shows one week of capture. Who knew there were so many bugs! We use 1 gallon bags as a neat way of emptying the basket. Liked this device so much that we have bought additional for other areas of our yard. Love the fact that it deals with mosquitoes and moths and does NOT impact the butterflies and bees. Great product.

Shaun J.
Flower Mound, TX


Hats off to DynaTrap!!!!!!!

We 1st bought the 1/2 acre DynaTrap and noticed within the 1st week our mosquito riddled patio was clear of both mosquitoes and other biting insects. We added the acre model and noticed our dogs (Max and Ted) were enjoying the yard much more with the absence of these flying pests!

Steve C.
Spirit Lake, IA


Couldn’t believe how many bugs it caught in a month!!

Not a bug magnet anymore! Oh my word! What a valuable gem I have purchased! Cannot begin to say this is soooooo worth the money. When someone says the bug bites they get turn into the most painful and hot burning welts? That’s me, and so so miserable at that. The very first day I noticed there were virtually no skeeters or anything flying around. Before, you couldn’t sit out anytime of day. I would have to run inside or suffer the next week with arms and legs that burned and itched. I almost hate to leave my bug acre-free. I am dreaming of a day when I can clip on a personal DynaTrap and have be able to travel anywhere in my bug-free bubble!! Love this baby!

Jamie I.
Fredericksburg, PA


Boy was I pleased and impressed

We live on Lake Oconee in Georgia and mosquitoes and no see um’s constantly bugging us. After I put it on my deck we were never bothered again. It did a GREAT job of clearing out the bugs. This is where it gets good I saw on the TV that some new colors were offered and decided to by a second 1 acre unit to hang on the other side of our large deck. About 4 nights ago we had a May Fly hatch (I know it’s June) which if you ever saw May fly up close you would say where did this prehistoric creature come from. I have Attached a few photos of what the swarm looks like when they hit. I also attached photos of how EFFECTIVE the DynaTrap is.

Ted F.
Eatonton, GA