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DynaTrap Hanging on Porch

We Are Finally Able to Enjoy Our Yard

I’ve always dreamed about being able to homeschool outside on warmer days, but because of the mosquitoes we’ve never been able to, until now. Now my daughter & I can do school outside & not be bothered by those pesky mosquitoes! Thank you so much! We are finally able to enjoy our yard for homeschooling, BBQs & outdoor fun! The best part is we are renewing our vows in June for our 25th Wedding Anniversary & I know one guest that won’t be invited are those pesky bugs!

Jennifer D.
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Hand Holding Open DynaTrap Retaining Cage

Thank you DynaTrap!

THANK YOU, DYNATRAP! We cannot believe what a difference your traps have made in our beautiful yard. My wife is allergic to mosquitos and literally feels “trapped” to stay inside during the evenings in the summer……but no longer. We purchased two of your Dynatraps this year and cannot believe the huge amounts of mosquitos, June bugs, millers, etc. that your traps can eliminate. A huge thank you for the wonderful products you sell THAT REALLY DO WHAT YOU SAY THEY WILL DO. We live on three acres in a fairly wooded area and are amazed at the phenomenal results we have seen this summer, and my wife can enjoy evenings outside. Your customer service is also amazing.
Thank you from two happy DYNATRAP owners!

Larry & Barb S.
Topeka, Kansas, USA

The DynaTrap Really Works

The Dynatrap really works. It does everything it’s supposed to. I didn’t believe it could be so easy until I tried it. I love the simplicity of the product!

Tony S.
Anderson, South Caroline, USA

I Recommend this Product for Anyone that has an Insect Problem

Great Product, I have used propane types of insect traps in the past and I bought the Dynatrap to augment the other product I had. After a couple, of weeks the Dynatrap had twice as many insects in it than the other product. I turned the other one off and haven’t used it since. The Dynatrap not only got rid of mosquitoes, but other annoying insects as well. The best thing about the Dynatrap is no more propane tanks, sticky aper, or bait packs to replace or use. I recommend this product for anyone that has an insect problem.

Barry S.

Open DynaTrap with Dehydrated Mosquitoes

I Haven’t Been Bit by a Mosquito Yet

We bought the DT1050 almost 3 weeks ago… It’s amazing! The first 2 weeks collected 3/4 of collection basket. The past week even more…we trapped 3/4 the entire collection basket. I haven’t been bit by a mosquito yet. The device is quiet and very easy to clean. Here’s a snapshot of the results. Thank You!

Julie A.
Curtice, Ohio, USA

Now I Barely Ever Get Bit!

I caught more mosquitos in two weeks with the Dynatrap than I caught in two years with those propane-based traps. I used to get bit every day, now I barely ever get bit!

Peter C.
Merritt Island, Florida, USA

Thumbs Up to DynaTrap Catch

DynaTrap Success

Ed T.
Elie, Manitoba, CA

Dehydrated Mosquitoes in DynaTrap Retaining Cage

This Thing Really Works

As you can see, this thing really works. This is the second time I’ve emptied it this summer. I’m very happy with how it does the job.

Michael W.
Fredricksburg, Pennsylvania, USA

The Dynatrap is Amazing!

The Dynatrap is amazing! No-see-ums are really bad in Florida and I catch tons of them. I still can’t believe it works, but it does!

Sara L.
Tequesta, Florida, USA

Amazed at How Many Mosquitoes Get Trapped!

I like the product – it works great in my goat barn – amazed at how many mosquitos get trapped! Wishing the company years of continued success.

Rena H.
St. Michael, Minnesota, USA

Full DynaTrap Retaining Cage Up Close

We Can’t Believe How Well It Works

My family loves to hang out on our back porch, but can’t stand the bugs! Even in my kitchen there are these annoying moths that come out of nowhere – so gross! However, now I have my new DynaTrap that takes care of business…we can’t believe how well it works. I just cleaned out the basket this morning…full of all sorts of different types of bugs – even those pesky moths! Thanks for making a great product DynaTrap!

Cindi D.
Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Full DynaTrap Retaining Cage

Wow, Was I Surprised to See How Full the Basket Was

I was not getting many insects in my yard, but was not sure if it was because of the Dynatrap . The Dynatrap is so quiet and I forgot it was even there. I said let’s check the basket and if there are no insects, then I am going to return. Wow, was I surprised to see how full the basket was. It was mostly gypsy moths. Our area got hit pretty hard, but I was able to escape the wrath of their devastation. I now am a true believer and may buy one for my son.

John K.

If You’ve Got a Mosquito Problem, This is the Product for You

I have three Dynatraps and they are worth every penny. I’m going to tell everyone I know how great of an invention the Dynatrap is. If you’ve got a mosquito problem, this is the product for you.“

Dennis E.
Jackson, Tennessee, USA

It Was Miraculous!

We noticed a difference in 24 hours, it was miraculous! I got three of my friends to buy them already!

Diane P.
Naperville, Illinois, USA

This Device is Awesome

I thank you for the great service… Oh and by the way: this device is awesome.

David G.
Montreal, Quebec, CA

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